The Doctoral Program in Electronics Engineering concerns all the state of art aspects on modern Electronics.

It has a DoctoralBoard, which mainly draws from staff of the Department of Electronic Engineering and is developed in 4 sections which are closely interlinked through joint research activities:

  1. Electronic Technologies and Systems
  2. Telecommunications and Internet (ICT Internet Engineering)
  3. Sensory and learning systems
  4. Systems and technologies for space

PhD in Electronic Engineering aims to develop a teaching and research program that reflects the highest standards in the field by exploiting the following features:

  • High qualityPhD Board staff.
  • The teaching has a well-defined structure and is divided into core courses, thematic courses, and seminars. Interdisciplinary coursesare given on subjects such as Writing and management of research projects, Scientific Writing, and Handling of intellectual property. All themain courses are taught in English
  • Availability of large structures of the Department of Electronics Engineering (laboratory and computing facilities as well as access to library resources)
  • Financial sustainability of the doctorate program, participation to conferences and other activities, also guaranteed through the Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Well-defined administrative structure within the Department of Electronics Engineering
  • International Advisory Committee.